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Spinel Pendants: Keeping Gemstone Enthusiasts on Their Toes for Centuries

What if your biggest claim to fame was that you weren't something people thought you were? And it wasn't even your fault! Well, you might find yourself feeling a lot like spinel. That's of course if spinel could have feelings for you to mirror, which it doesn't because it's a rock. But you get the idea.

Anyway, at times throughout history, spinel has been, let's say, "mistaken" for a ruby. Was it a genuine accident or was someone trying to get away with something? No one will ever know but one famous masquerade is that of Henry V's battle helm decoration known as the Black Prince’s Ruby. Surprise, it's actually just a massive red spinel. The joke's on the jeweler who made the "mistake" though because it still found its way onto the British Imperial State Crown. Zing.

So, spinel can be found in a variety of colors. The most common is that rich red that used to get it mislabeled as a ruby but around here we most often see it in black. Black spinel works great as an accent stone and you'll see it used like that a lot in rings, bracelets and other jewelry, but when it's featured, it really strikes a particular, alluring chord.

And nowhere does it make more of an impact than in a spinel pendant. Just scroll up to see what we're talking about. Center your look with a spinel pendant and there'll be no mistaking just how gorgeous you look.