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JOYA by Judy Crowell

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JOYA by Judy Crowell™ Discover unique and beautiful jewelry designed from the heart and made from the earth at Evine
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JOYA by Judy Crowell Pendants: Discover Inspiration at the Center of Your Style

When an artist sits down to create a beautiful object, the act is often a response to some spark of inspiration or imagination. They’ll take that seed of an idea and begin to build around it, bringing it into the physical world. The work will eventually take shape and the artist may begin the critical editing phase of the creative process. That means that not every idea they’ve had for this creation is needed for it to be beautiful or essential to its actual existence. After that, you might just have a completed work of art. And it all started with that spark. Let a JOYA by Judy Crowell pendant be your spark.

With a JOYA by Judy Crowell pendant at the center of your fashion aesthetic, you’ll have a core of creativity and originality around which you can build a look that speaks to your unique sense of style. Created by renowned gemstone expert Judy Crowell, JOYA by Judy Crowell pendants feature beautiful textures, shapes and colors in designs that are chic, fashionable and totally on trend. You’ll see her commitment to craft shine in all of her other accessories as well, from rings to bracelets to necklaces. If you’re in need of a complete look that stays true to the real you, the JOYA by Judy Crowell collection can help you find it.

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