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Manitobah Mukluks

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About the Collection
Manitobah Mukluks is an indigenous–owned, proudly Canadian company combining centuries-old Aboriginal design and modern materials to create the finest mukluks and moccasins in the world. Founded in Winnipeg in 1997 by entrepreneur Sean McCormick, it's mission is to build a global brand that makes a positive impact on Canada's native communities.

Fusing tradition with technology, and in partnership with Vibram®, the world leader in high-performance rubber soles, Manitobah Mukluks has created a specially designed rubber outsole, made to keep its wearer comfortable through the cold weather, while maintaining the design heritage of the Métis, know historically as 'the flower beadwork people.'

Every Manitobah Mukluk product comes with a certificate of authenticity and the brand assurance that their 1,000+ year heritage is passionately woven into every last stitch.

Waneek Horn-MillerAbout the Guest
Waneek Horn-Miller is one of North America's most inspiring motivational speakers. A Mohawk from Kahnawake Territory, Waneek has appeared on the cover of TIME magazine as captain of Canada's Olympic water polo team. Waneek is currently the host of her own health and wellness show on the ATPN network and an ambassador for Manitobah Mukluks.

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